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No family is complete without their furry mate, along for the ride or asleep by their side. With a pandemic rocking the world, many of us have turned to our furry friends for comfort in our biggest time of need. Thus Furmates was born!

As an Australian owned business spanning 50+ years, we are proud of our track record in providing superlative service and customer satisfaction to both retailers and end-users alike across a range of innovative and quality products. With Furmates, we strive to bring you innovative products of the highest quality for your furry friends, to homes right around Australia.

We are proud to introduce our first 2 products:  The Co-Rider K9 Pet Trailer which can attach to any pram/stroller for family outings or can be used as a standalone pet carrier. As well as our Close To Me | Pet Bed Co-Sleeper – the perfect accessory for your bedroom, helping you to gain your space back while your furry mate still sleeps right next to you. Check them both out and let us know what you think!

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